Outstanding Law Office

“I was going through a separation/divorce and contacted the Law Office of Richard K. Isles. They were nothing but amazing. Very supportive in all matters and going through the court process as we know is very nerve racking but I was taken care of throughout all. I dealt with an outstanding paralegal named Leigh and I cannot thank her enough for all her hard work, her kind words and most of all her support throughout this process.”


Family law review

“Mr. Isles office was very receptive and empathetic to my situation during my initial call for advice. After meeting with Mr. Isles for the first time I was confident that I had made the right decision. Most offices have multiple attorneys that represent the firm but Mr. Isles agreed to represent me himself without hesitation. Mr. Isles was both punctual and professional in addition to being considerate and responsive with all of my requests. I would highly recommend Mr. Isles to any potential client in need of a family law attorney. “


Great divorce attorney; knows what they’re doing!

“Very aggressive and knowledgeable. Every single court appearance and hearing was decided in my favor. Office staff was always very helpful and responsive to any issues that I brought up. I would highly recommend this lawyer to anyone!”


Absolutely Recommend!

“I would like to say that the Law Offices of Richard Isles has been a tremendous help during this difficult time. They provided guidance through my entire divorce process. I was always able to get a hold of someone in the office whenever I had questions or concerns. They were patient and kind which was a relief. After 29 yrs of marriage this experience was nothing that I was prepared to deal with at the age of 70 but they got me through it. I would recommend their caring staff to anyone that would have to face this in their life. Thank you all again for everything that you have done for me.”


By far very impressed!!

“I came to Mr. Isles in desperate need of an attorney as my daughters father had sole legal custody, I was being harassed by cps drug test after drug test, monitored visits, no legal rights to my daughter and I had to reach for help not to mention I was nothing close to what father had been accusing me of he was making up lies to the court, my daughter was in need of her mom. I was on supervised visits and constant cps visits with no legal custody I felt as if the system was making me out to look like something I was not and there was no end to this. I hired Mr. Isles and I have to say I walked out of that court room with joint-legal and my supervised visits were no more. I was a happy mom one step closer, he was an excellent listener, aggressive and very impressive, Mr isles knows his stuff and knows exactly what to say I was proud to have him by my side I’m so thankful for Mr. Isles he helped me get custody back. Although my case is still continuing I’m one step closer and I trust Mr. Isles will get me what I want and deserve. Best attorney I’ve ever hired hands down! If your looking for the best Richard K. Isles is the one. “I feel a relief, like something has lifted off my shoulders” those were my exact words to Mr. Isles leaving the court room. One step closer… Thank you Mr. Isles.”


Divorce Final – Freedom Papers in Hand

“I chose Richard Isles after meeting him in person at his office. I can confidently say my case was finalized without any problems or delay. Was quoted the average retainer fee for divorce and custody. Each issue that was important to my future (custody and support payments) was handled and resolved against the ex’s lawyer smoothly and without delay. I actually came out of this with more than I hoped for. Am not normally the type to throw in the towel but when you just want out of a marriage from hell you want it over with yesterday! If anything, I gained more than I went into the divorce expecting. This lawyer was actually looking out for MY best interests.

My divorce goals were met (wanted my divorce over in six months, 50/50 custody, 70 inch t.v, my car, Boat, and quick resolution) with freedom papers in hand. They delivered. Made the process less painful then I expected, especially going into this with a materialistic money-hungry ex who threatened to never let me see my kids. I actually feel like I won, if there is such a thing in divorce.

From the first interview, It was clear the lawyer knew his law. He spoke on my level, without legal jargon, practical advice was given as well, to avoid the Ex from causing any sh– that could ruin my career.

I know my choice was right in hiring this firm. I read the reviews here prior to hiring, did my research, and they delivered. End result- divorced, shared custody, and not financially drained. Works for me!”


Only the Best

“If only the best is what you want, then you want Richard Isles. He is extremely intelligent, knows the law, knows all the right moves, knows the weaknesses of his opponent and yet has no visible weakness of his own. I am the CEO of a considerably large corporation. Over the past 30 years I have had a multitude of experiences with attorneys on both sides of the fence. I chose Richard to represent my case in a divorce proceeding. That was one of the best legal decisions I ever made. Using Richard was like using an atomic bomb in a knife fight. You couldn’t be in better hands. He is passionate about his work, diligent to a fault, well versed beyond words, and articulate to the point of perfection. He will also keep you very informed and aware of your situations. He will let you know what can go wrong and how to prepare and he will attack the opponent like a hungry dog in a meat house. As I originally stated “he is the best”. The absolute best. And I have 30 years of business experience to back up that statement of fact. There is also icing for the cake. His staff is also superior to any other support team you will encounter.The Isles law firm is a well-oiled machine.”


Incredible Family Law Attorney

“This is the third time I have used Mr. Isles to represent me in my child custody and family law matters. Mr. Isles has done an excellent job every single time. Mr. Isles did an excellent job of belittling opposing counsel; a high priced Orange County family law attorney and successfully got what is really needed in the best interest of my son and my family. Mr. Isles is not shy in court and you will have your side heard. I have been through multiple family law attorneys and all they seem to care about is billable hours. Not Mr. Isles. He is friendly, understanding and takes a genuine interest in your case and is well worth every penny you spend to protect your interests.”


Keeps Home and 90% Custody of Children

“My case is now completed. My case was quite complicated and difficult. There were several trials. Through the lies and manipulation attempts and insanity, Richard K. Isles kept a very accurate perspective in all matters around the case. Richard saved my family, my home, my private and professional reputation. Without Richard, I was at risk of losing my children, my home, and more. He was able to detect, arrest, and place a stop to opposing constant lies and manipulation attempts. He believed in me. Where I started, I needed that first. I needed to fight back and Richard lights up when he stands up for you. There is no better place to see Richard in action then in a court room. He is at his best when most would fold under that kind of pressure. He has worked in Riverside for the majority of his career which means he knows the system here second to none. Richard’s staff are excellent and they are very vigilant. I witnessed Richard in the court room many times and his court room talents. He simply does not like to lose. I witnessed even during sidebar meetings with the Judge. He is relentless. His very nature of “the will to win” is not inherent in all attorneys. If I was a lawyer, I would not enjoy going up against Richard. I feel bad for the opposing attorney’s client. I would not want to be in their shoes. He knows the law, the legal system, how to ask questions and he knows how to expose the lies. I am very grateful that God connected me to Richard. It was really some kind of fate that I found him. I had another attorney prior to Richard who was nice but not even close to Richard’s level. My life turned around for the better when Richard became my attorney. Without Richard K. Isles, I would have come out of this ordeal without major pain and losses. The mere fact of having my children 90% of the time is some kind of gift to me. Richard K. Isles was able to prove to the judge the wrong doing where most people surely would have failed. I have a life time gratitude towards Richard K. Isles. I wish upon nobody to go through what I did and if they had to, they need a defender like Richard K. Isles. I have a nice future ahead of me now to enjoy with my children. I have since remarried (crazy as some may say – I still believe in marriage). My wife has had a child now and we have three children all together. Without Richard K. Isles, this positive future outlook would have taken a much different turn. Thank you Richard K. Isles. From the bottom of my heart. I have a good future to look forward to because of you.”


Results and Resolution

“The Attorneys’ and Support staff in the Riverside, CA office work well with all clients. Even if the attorney is at court the support staff is able to assist and answer questions and/or concerns so no phone call is a waste of time. My divorce case was represented and resolved with exceptional results, my attorney represented me on every level and was able to secure all requested items from listed on the judgment. The opposing counsel made everyone wait 2.5 hours and my attorney stayed with me the entire time, discussed strategy, possible changes and end results by the time everyone was ready to go into MSC I was able to let me attorney handle the case and discussions with confidence. I appreciate the time and effort of this law firm!”


Hiring Attorney Isles is the best decision I’ve made

“Asking Attorney Isles and his team to represent me was the best decision I’ve made. He is incredible “on his feet” – a power player in the courtroom. He and his helpful staff are true veterans of the Riverside court system – they know the procedures and players better than anyone else. They are intelligent, strategic, and skillful in their representation and negotiations. It gave me a great sense of peace and confidence to trust them with my legal matter.”


Very Grateful

“I am a young mother of a 2 year old, a student and I work as well, so the best thing for me was to hire an attorney to get the “whole process” of my divorce a bit easier and painless. It was hard to come to the conclusion that I needed to hire an Attorney’s because I don’t have much money, but let me be sincere, No Attorney is Affordable, but Mr. Isles is worth my every penny. Ms. Steven’s, one of his associates is great; every time I had concerns or questions she took time from her schedule to help. Mr. Isles, in my court hearings was/is VERY PROFESSIONAL he keeps me relaxed, because I am always stressing and scared in my court appearances. I couldn’t of asked for a better Attorney than Mr. Isles and Ms. Stevens. I really appreciate what they have done, as well as their staff they are great. I have not complains.”


Did a great job!

“I retained Mr. Isles firm in September of 2012 and my divorce is now complete! I would highly recommend his firm. I found him and hid associates highly competent, easy to work with and thoroughly prepared when needed. Thank you so much!”



“I was referred to Mr. Isles by a friend, and my friend was right, about Mr isles, first off I call him Mr. Isles because he deserves the respect and he get’s it not only from myself but everybody in the court room including the judge, I was facing not only the problems of a divorce but the chance of a permanent restraining restraining order, I was stressed out to say the least but with the help of Mr. Isles we made it threw it the restraining order will be over December 2, meanwhile he is going full steam ahead on my divorce, Mr. Isles really cares about about me , it’s not just about making money for himself, he is a man of high morals, high integrity and very ethical, plus on a personnel note he has a great personalty down to earth and just a crack up to talk to, I highly recommend Mr Isles thank you Mr. MCQ.”



“I used this law office for my child custody modification. They were very helpful and polite on the phone. The staff lawyers were very good in court and when preparing me for court in Hemet. I have never needed to use an attorney in the past because initially my case was pretty simple so this was all new to me.
The first person I spoke to on the phone took me step by step through the process. I also read the web info on their site which was helpful. I give them a five star rating and will not hesitate to tell my friends and family members if they need a good lawyer.”


No Regrets

“When searching for a Divorce Lawyer I did my research. Looked at websites, called over a dozen, met with four local lawyers. This was my final choice. My first impression was correct – that he knew the steps to take in my divorce, and he actually listened to my concerns, and my need for a amicable settlement. Did not want to disrupt the children and needed to make the whole ordeal as smooth as possible. This is exactly what I received. No regrets. Job well done!”


Child support issue

“I had a consultation with Mr. Isles, and he was great, very knowledgeable. He is very honest. Told me at this time I wan’t in need of a lawyer but if things got worse he would be right by my side. I had so many questions to ask and not once did it sound like he was getting annoyed 🙂 I will definitely use him for legal advice”


A good lawyer who has been my attorney two times

“Have been to Family court two times on a past support matter. The case was difficult and I needed a lawyer that would get the point across. Isles did that. After attempting pro-per alone, then hiring him, I got more spousal support and back support. Would recommend to friends”