When you are looking to file for divorce, the first thing that you should start with is preparing what you will need. This can be a difficult process and by preparing beforehand, you can help provide greater ease and efficiency. First off, make sure you know that you want to file for divorce, rather than seeking a legal separation or annulment. If you have determined that divorce is the route you are going, gather together any important information.

Even prior to seeking the divorce you can start doing things like separating your bank accounts. Talk with your spouse and see if you can agree to the situation since an uncontested divorce is often easier than a contested one. If you can work together it can help you and your children. If you are looking to file for divorce in California then either you or your spouse must live in the state for the past six years. An additional detail to consider is that you need to have lived in the county that you are filling in for at least three months.

Once you are ready, file the correct papers with the court. You can find these on the website for the California Courts. The forms should be filed with the court clerk. They will review these and if there are no clear errors they will be filed. Once the filing has been done, court forms will need to be served to your spouse. You will need to review who can serve these to make sure that it is done correctly. Next, financial disclosure forms will need to be filled out and served. These need to be handled within 60 days from the time that you file your petition to divorce. The rest of the process can vary depending on the response of your spouse or domestic partner. Having an attorney by your side throughout this process can be a great relief and can also be an advantage in many ways. Speak with our Temecula divorce attorney today to discuss your situation.