Temecula Property Division Attorney

Do you need to work out a property division arrangement in a Temecula divorce or legal separation? This legal matter calls for the experienced counsel of a competent attorney. Whether you are undergoing a contested or uncontested divorce, with proper legal counsel you have the opportunity to ensure your case is properly presented and that you can reach a fair, workable arrangement. A Temecula property division attorney from the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles can help with various aspects of your case, including establishing what property should be considered marital and what should be separate, properly evaluating the worth of all property involved, uncovering any hidden assets that should be considered marital property, and working toward a fair resolution through negotiation or litigation. The property owned by the couple is split up by the following guidelines:

Community Property:

  • Property accumulated in the marriage
  • Wages earned in the marriage
  • Debts acquired in the marriage (loans, mortgages, credit cards)
  • Stocks
  • Interest accrued on benefits, pensions, or retirement plans

Separate Property:

  • Gifts
  • Inheritance
  • Personal injury awards
  • Property owned before the marriage
  • Property bought during the marriage with separate funds
  • Businesses owned before the marriage (if the value of the business increased during the marriage, the increased earnings can be community property)
  • Assets such as cars that were separately owned before the marriage

There can also be cases where property is a combination of community and separate property. An example of this would be if the couple was buying property and in doing so, some joint money was used but also one spouse’s separate money. This case would require proof of the separate funds such as the money from selling a separately owned property. In this case, the property would be partly separate and partly community and would be divided accordingly. Property division can be overwhelming and tricky which is why it is necessary to have an experienced Temecula divorce attorney by your side throughout the whole process.

Divorce Lawyer for Property Division

In addition to handling Temecula divorces that involve average amounts of property and assets, our law firm can competently handle high asset and high net worth divorces. These are often particularly complex due to the extensive amount of property and money involved, as well as the fact that a family business, successful practice, stocks, bonds, IRAs, pensions and 401(k) accounts may all be involved. We can use our legal knowledge in these matters in combination with the involvement of accountants, vocational professionals, and business and real estate appraisers to properly present your case to the court or to the other party in order to reach a negotiated settlement.

Whether you are working toward a property division arrangement through negotiation outside of the court or are going to need to address this matter in court in a contested divorce, a Temecula property division lawyer from the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles has the experience and resources to help.

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