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Family Law Overview

For more than 26 years, the team at the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles has been practicing law and seeking solutions for our clients. We work with individuals going through a divorce or dealing with other areas of family law. Below are some of the areas that our team is able to assist in, but for a further understanding of how we are able to help in your case, contact our office and set up an appointment. Our Temecula divorce lawyers can offer a wealth of experience and the much needed representation to find closure in your case.


Contested divorce involves two parties that cannot work together and agree about the major factors in a divorce. Uncontested correlates to a couple that is an agreement about the divorce and they are willing to work together to try to come to a close, but they will be represented separately so that their interests are taken into account. Our firm can help in both of these situations.

Child Protective Services Defense

Many people are wrongfully accused of child abuse unfortunately and this can put a lot on the line for them. You can defend against allegations and take calculated steps to avoid a devastating outcome.

CPS Facts & Questions

When dealing with Child Protective Services, being educated about what to expect is an important factor in your ability to retain a successful outcome. Read some of the facts and answers to common questions that you should be aware of.

Child Support

During a divorce, child support is an important factor that will need to be looked into and possibly established. There are a number of details that go into making this decision and it will need to be determined if support should be paid, by who it will be paid and for how much.

Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody can be established in a number of ways; either being divided between the two parents or with one of them being the sole custodian over the child. Visitation options can also be pursued, allowing a parent that may not have custody rights to still have designated time to spend with their child.

Collaborative Divorce

For those couples who are able to work together to come to a final resolution with the divorce, collaborative law can come with a number of benefits that may make this process simpler and less emotionally difficult. Through this option a couple can work with the same legal representative.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders / TRO’s

An issue that can often come up in a divorce case is the need for a restraining order. This may be when one spouse is accused of violent behavior against the other spouse or the children. Temporary restraining orders are possible to obtain while the divorce case is progressing.

Family Law

Family law encompasses divorce, and a number of other relevant areas of the law. Through it, important decisions such as a legal separation, child custody or the division of assets are dealt with. These are personal matters that can have a substantial impact so they should be dealt with properly to increase the level of results that are gained.

Hidden Assets

When a couple is divorcing, transparency does not always exist and there may be certain assets that are not divulged or are purposely kept hidden. Sometimes the true amount of assets is also not understood and it is important that all items are shared and their worth is evaluated.

Hiring Competent Legal Counsel

When going through a divorce case, or other area of family law, it is crucial that you know you are well represented. Hiring competent legal counsel can make all the difference in the final outcome that you receive in your case.

Legal Separations

Some couples choose an alternative to divorce for any number of reasons. A legal separation may be better suited for what they are looking for, and while it is not a legal termination in the eyes of the law, it can still allow them to separate some areas of their lives.

Lower Your Spousal Support

Are your spousal support payments too high? Many times the amount that was originally set at the time of the divorce is no longer the best option for the current situation. You may be not making enough or your former spouse is now able to support themselves more than they once were able to. If these factors are true of your case then it may be time to start pursuing the option of having the amounts lowered.

Military Divorce

When a divorce involves a member of the military then there are different factors in these cases may arise. One common issue is what if the other party is currently stationed overseas? To make sure that these cases are dealt with properly and that the differences with it being a military divorce case are understood, work with an experienced Temecula divorce attorney.

Out of State Divorce

Being out of state doesn’t mean that legal matters no longer arise and if you are in a different location where you were married or even divorced, we understand that you may still face certain dilemmas. Our team can work with individuals who have relocated, are looking to move, are curious about modifying child support payments or have other important legal needs that they need assistance with.


In many situations it is important that paternity is established. It can have a substantial influence on the direction of a case and may be the answer when certain changes are being sought. Through it, the legal father can be established and this may be an important factor in many family law matters.

Post Judgment Modifications

After a divorce has already concluded and the divorce terms are set, they can be visited at a later time. There are many situations that can arise where the decisions that were made need to be adjusted so that they fit the present situations, rather than the one that existed at the time of the divorce. A modification can be sought and it will need to be approved by the court.

Property Division

One of the major things that takes place during the divorce is the division of the property. This is when the assets that the couple has are assessed and divided accordingly. States differ on how they go about making this ruling, and in California the model of community property is followed.

Protecting Credit

Credit may be a factor that can be influenced during the divorce process and by taking conscious steps it can be better protected. While divorce can be a necessary step, you also want to make sure that it doesn’t hinder you in the future by damaging your credit score. Working with an attorney can help avoid this outcome.

Spousal Support / Alimony

If there is spouse that is considered a dependent, then the court may choose to award them spousal support. Also referred to as alimony, spousal support can vary in how it is ordered, including the amount that must be paid and how long the payments need to made.

Step-Parent Adoptions

When a couple marries and brings children into the relationship from a previous relation, a spouse may wish to take that child on as their own. Step parent adoptions are an opportunity to do that and a step parent can become a legal parent

Trial Attorneys

In some cases it is necessary to go to trial, and while this may seem like a more difficult process, for many people it is the best option to get them the results that they want. We are experienced trial attorneys who are able to provide strong argumentative skills in a courtroom.

Who Gets the Residence?

During the property division aspect of the divorce, one question may arise pertaining who will get the home? For a couple that has been living in a house and is situated there, getting the house may be important, especially if one of the individuals will be the one caring for the children.

Why We Stand Out From Other Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles, we stand out from other attorneys. Read about our accolades and the traits that make our firm unique. You can also read our testimonials to see what our past clients have to say about us. When going through a divorce there are many advantages to working with a professional and our team can offer a wealth of services to assist you during the divorce and in the final outcome.



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