When facing divorce with children, the term divorce pertains to the parents. Children are often put in the middle by parents causing a tremendous amount of conflict for the children. Blame can be a large part of divorce however, children are not to blame. But when a parent speak adversely about the other parent with further negative impact against the ex spouse, parental alienation is occurring.

Parental Alienation adversely affects children by:

  • Prohibiting the child to make up his mind about how much love they have for a parent
  • Damages a child’s relationship with a parent
  • Causes anger within the child
  • Poisons the child with unnecessary issues
  • Forces child to take sides
  • Prohibiting the child from loving one parent

Our courts are recognizing this occurrence with negative consequences when a child custody and visitation case is at issue. Our courts recognize children cannot thrive in a divorce environment if a parent is alienating the child from the ex spouse.

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