Temecula Legal Separation Attorney

There are different potential circumstances that may involve spouses who wish to separate but do not want to complete a formal divorce. Regardless of the reason behind this desire, you can accomplish separation without divorce by way of a legal separation. In this process, you and your spouse would come to agreements regarding the normal terms of a divorce, such as how you will divide property, assets and liabilities as well as spousal support, and if you have children, child support, child custody and visitation.

As with any family law matter, it is important to involve a lawyer if you are considering or going through a legal separation. With an experienced Temecula legal separation lawyer at your side to represent your legal rights, financial needs and personal concerns, you have the opportunity to work out a separation agreement that is in your best interests.

About Legal Separations

Legal separation is a process that enables spouses to live separate and apart under a separation agreement or judgment. Although spouses do not live together and will have completed property division and established child support, custody, visitation and spousal support, they are not legally divorced and therefore cannot remarry. Legal separation may be an option that a married couple will wish to consider for religious reasons, to maintain health or medical insurance benefits, or for personal reasons when divorce is to final or aggressive an action.

Temecula Legal Separation Attorney

A legal separation will allow you and your spouse to lead separate lives without legally terminating your marriage. To find out more about this process and how an attorney can help you through swiftly and effectively, contact a Temecula legal separation attorney at our firm today. Your initial consultation is free and strictly confidential.