If you are contemplating a divorce, or are separated from your spouse it may be time to consider filing for a dissolution of marriage. Often the thought is put on the side burner due to financial reasons, heightened emotions, feelings that the spouse will take everything you have worked so hard for, or concerns about the best interest of your children.

As a side note, keep in mind that California is a no-fault state which means neither party is at fault in a dissolution of marriage, and issues such as adultery are not relevant in deciding on divorce issues.

When the time arrives and you decide that you want to move forward and obtain your freedom papers, the best approach but not always the most realistic approach is an amicable divorce. It can save thousands of dollars when both parties are agreeable to settling the issues at hand in their divorce.

If the friendly method just is not going to work out your goal should be to terminate your marriage in a manner in which you receive property, custody, support in the amount to which you are legally entitled. This advice should prevent you from spending far more than necessary.

It is important to know that very few divorce cases go as far as trial. With that being said, a goal of settlement is most definitely the most positive approach to a divorce.

When Attorney Richard K. Isles discusses your unique divorce strategy, settlement is definitely part of the equation. However, when the other side is not agreeable to an amicable divorce, his 20 years of family law trial litigation gives you the comfort of knowing you are in experienced hands.